Monday, April 25, 2011

Post-Marathon part deux...

It has been a week since I ran the marathon and at times it feels like it was all a dream and it never really happened and at times it feels like it was just yesterday (especially when I get out of bed!).  Here are the last of a few photos from our time in London after the marathon.  To see all of the London pictures you can check out my by Joni.

Bev before the race-notice the nervous energy...

Tower Bridge the highlight of my run! 

Buckingham palace to the left-we turned here towards the finish line.
This is near the finish line-and this is how I felt!

I was not the only one running for SP-we had a SP Team all ran and finished the marathon.  They too were raising money for different projects that the SPUK office support.  Here is the great SP team members!
Jon-he almost couldn't run due to a IT band injury-but after lots of rest/ice he did it in 4:07!!
Connie-the only other woman running-she too had some injury issues and still pushed through!

Matt did a great 3:47 for his first time running a marathon!

Steve, also a first time marathoner

Pastor Simon-also a great finish!

All of us raise over 23,000 Pounds for SP projects, specifically for water, literacy, and HIV/AIDS.  All of us who had injuries stated that we knew we couldn't quit-there were people who we were running for-all we had to do was think about them and keep running!  Whether it was a little girl who has to walk 2-3 hours to get water or a child living with AIDS or anyone of the people I have shared with you-they all pushed us to the finish.

I think about the marathon a lot-I have no doubt I will for a while.  It was such a great experience and I am so grateful for it.  Remember you can still give for the next 3 months towards the projects that I ran for.

So now what?  I have had thoughts of ending the blog-but at the same time I want to keep all of you updated on the people and projects that I was running for.  Also, it's not like I am going to never run again-no, in fact it is KILLING me not being able to run and take two weeks off!!!  There are more stories to tell and more marathons to run-stay tuned for the next running adventure.  It may be sooner than you think!                            


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