Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Kids are interesting little beings.  No matter where you go in Liberia-you are going to find kids-actually, it's more like they find you especially for us not from Liberia!  The constant "Aunty hello" (aunty is what they would call an older woman) or if you are in the Foya area "PUMWEEE" which is Kgissi (pronounced Geesy), the main people group in that area, for 'white man/woman'. 

Kids are a big part of our CLP and WASH programs-it's not that these programs are for them-but their parents are-which then filters down to their little ones!  Here are some pictures of some of the kiddies who are 'part' of the WASH and CLP programs...
These twin boys are often visiting 'students' with their mom
at the CLP Kelimabendu class.
Kids excited about their new latrine!!!

Kids watch everything that us adults do-no matter if they are from Liberia, Canada, U.S., or the U.K.  When they see their mom's learning they want to learn, when they see their parents using a latrine, a well, or a filter they are more likely to also use it.  Our example as adults is very important to kids around us whether they are our children or not.  We want our projects to engage children and let them be part of the what their parents are doing-because we know that they are the future of Liberia!  Sometimes, though, it is just about spending time with them, playing with them and loving them...that's my favorite part :)
This little girl is one of our favorites from the village of Karpie
She really wanted my hat...

There are some other pretty special kidelts that I get to hang out with every Friday at around 5pm.  Every Friday we have Kids running Club where we live on ELWA compound.  These are kids whose parents are here working with Samaritan's Purse or other Mission organizations.  We have a blast! (At least I do!)  Our ages range from 2-12 and even some of the mom's join in :)  Here is a little video of one of our running drills...

This was my training last Friday :)

My boys, Isaac and Felix are part of the running club-and most days they like it!  I want my boys to see that running can be fun and something that they can do with mom.  But I also want them to see that running can be used for something to help others-I want them to see that I am so grateful to God for every opportunity He has given me-that I am going to return that gratefulness through my running...does that make sense?

Training- I am still recovering from my bad run on Sunday-turns out I was pretty dehydrated which led to a little fatigue...Monday was a much needed day off, yesterday was a good walk and today I will go out for a few miles. The other day Isaac told me to make sure I drank enough water so I wouldn't be sick like I was on Sunday...See, kids watch everything-whether it's the little kids in the CLP communities watching their mom's go to school or the little boy who watches his dad wash his hands-they are always watching.  They too are why I run...

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  1. so great. That itself makes me want to come to see you at ELWA. I would join your running club