Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Deep thoughts by Bev...

I am often asked, "What do you think about when you run?"  This is a valid, good question-but a dangerous one...As many of you know, my mind never stops, well rarely-even at night-I dream almost every night and I wake up with something on my mind.  You may think "how exhausting!" not really, just because I think a lot doesn't mean I always say what I think...which is a very good thing! Mercy!

In deep thought on the jungle road...

So here are some of the thoughts running through my head as I do loops around ELWA for up to 2 hours!
  • Sigh...thanks Lord that I can run.
  • Must start my watch-I wonder what my time will be like today?
  • Man, it is HOT!
  • This run is not for me-go faster!
  • Ooh yeah, good song (if I am wearing my ipod)
  • Great, why does that guy have to pee right now as I pass him...
  • I have to go pee...
  • What are the boys doing!!!??? (As I pass my house)
  • Wow-something smells really bad...
  • No, I will not give you my ipod (As someone yells "white woma you give me that thing!" pointing to my ipod)
  • What should I make for dinner?
  • PHD-hmmm I think a good intro needs to have more on water and development...(I have seriously written my thesis out in my head at least 50 times...)
  • I can't wait until the marathon...
  • Could I sweat anymore please!
  • Oh, good there is Kendell walking home-boys will have some parental supervision now...
  • Don't look at your watch
  • Wow that is a pretty good time!
  • Wonder what the fam at home is doing right now?
As I get more and more tired and the miles start to pile on the thoughts start to get a little more focused and intense...
  • DO NOT start thinking of how far you have left!
  • How far do I have left?
  • Therese and Rebecca-all the CLP people...
  • DO NOT think of how thirsty you are!!
  • Man, I am thirsty!
  • Community of Barfely-with their filters
  • WASH staff-Taya and the new programs she is doing-lots of thoughts of different water interventions-and praying for Tay-tay!
  • Karpie and Kimbolou women walking down that hill to get their dirty water
  • I wonder how we can get that water up there?
  • I can't wait until the London marathon-running through all that history-hearing the crowds...(Bev starts to get butterflies)
  • Stop thinking of the marathon it's making you breath too fast!
  • I have to stop..
  • All the ladies who hold a pencil for the first time- I wonder what that feels like?
  • HOT!!!!!! HUMID!!!!!!!!
  • Sweat is everywhere I feel like I have wet my shorts...
  • I am thirsty, I am thirsty, oh so thirsty, oh so thirsty (to the tune of "are you sleeping, are you sleeping brother John?)  I am being serious...
  • Sweet, the girls left some water on their porch for me!  Must. have. water. now.
  • I wonder what type of latrines the communities will build with the money raised...
  • I have to go to the bathroom.
  • What was the name of that woman who was blind in Foya-and her husband left her?  I need to ask Jo...
  • Lord I need help for this last lap-seriously, please strength.
  • Thank goodness for Joni-putting up with me as I sweat and am so tired I don't talk (As she films me on one of my runs).
  • Bev, suck. it. up.  This is NOTHING compared to those who you run for.
  • Jesus...You are the only one that can get me through this!
  • In.Pain...
  • Thank you-Lord! -Mercy there is the end!
As you see I go through a range of emotions during a run.  This is just a a glimpse of what goes through my grey matter as I sweat around the 2 mile figure eight on ELWA, around, around and around I go...or on the RIA road and trying not get mowed down by taxi's...

For the marathon I will have a 'pace band'- it will have the times I need to be at for every mile of the race to reach my goal time (which I have not set yet...).  But beside each mile I am going to also write in people's names, like Teresa and Rebecca, little Tomba and his family, Bible verses, names of communities that we have SP WASH/CLP projects in, my boys, those who have donated to this cause, those who have helped me to get here-and I will pray for each person-each mile.  My pace band will be full-just as I am-full of thankfulness and joy to be doing this.  The last .2, 385 yards, will be left for my Savior-actually, all of it is for Him-but that last push-will be full of pain mixed with extreme joy, and I will once again lean on Him-the source of my strength. 

That is what I will be thinking about on Sunday-I am sure there will be much more too-but mostly on those who I am running for and the One who I can't run without...


  1. Love this Bev! Can totally understand your thoughts:)

  2. God is amazing through you. Go!

  3. Go Bev Go! You inspire me to run when I get home tomorrow, as I just ate a cupcake!

  4. Love it! The names by the times on your pace band is awesome... made me a little teary.