Saturday, July 14, 2012

The passing of Time...

I know-it's been a while since I posted.  It amazes me how fast time flies by.  When I run I am always watching my time-how fast or slow I am going-in life there seems to be just one speed...FAST!  As I reflect how fast time has gone-I have also realized the things that are most important-because before you know it they are gone or all grown-up!  Let me give you a few examples...

In mid-June the Kauffeldt fam headed up to London.  I was finally graduating with my Doctorate degree...something I started when we first arrived in Liberia-a quick 6 years and plenty of writing, research and perseverance I was finally done.  It was extra-special to share it with my boys-they have never known mom not 'being in school'
Great Day to share with my boys...

In 2008 our first SPUK team led by Andy Ransberry came to Liberia-he led a second team in 2009.  It was great to meet up with his growing family and share what is going on in Liberia-and also for the boys to hang out with some pretty cool chaps too!  Being able to reconnect with Andy and his family was a great blessing.

Ranspberry/Kauffeldt clans near one of Elizabeth I castle

Showing the boys the finish line of the marathon!

Enjoying a family day in London

Our next stop (minus Kendell who returned to Liberia) was the long jont over the pond to BC to take care of some storage sorting and see my crazy Mayes/Menzies family members...As I sorted through our 7x12 foot storage unit I was amazed at how little we had!  As I was sorting through the "junk" and "treasures" - I was reminded that the worldly possessions that we have, as little as they are, does not come close to the true treasures that I get to share my life with.  After sorting our 'life' I was left with approximately a dozen tubs (mostly fully of books), about another dozen or so smaller boxes of pictures and household items, some hockey equipment (seriously, not going to throw that away!) a bed, couple of pine shelves (thanks IKEA) and my antique travel trunk full of my travel "treasures".  At any rate, the time with family was great!

Wouldn't be where I am today without the parentals!

 True Treasures (even yeiko/bub...HA!)

Maybe it's because I am getting older, maybe it's the fact that I have been away from family for a long time, or maybe it's because living here in Liberia, life is so fragile one minute it's there -the next gone.  Remember the boy David who we were helping that I wrote about?  One morning on my vacation I opened my email to read that he had died--my heart broke.  It broke for his family and for Alisa, Justin and others who had spent time with him and who had 'rescued' him when death was at his door the first time.  David was around the same age as my nephew Jackson-this really hit me hard.  I know God is in control and I know that His ways and thoughts are not mine-but just with little Eveleen it still hurts.  All of these things are making me reflect on how I am spending my time and what is most important in this life.

Returning to Liberia it was good to see everyone again-with a new appreciation of who they are in my life.  Not only that-it was great to head straight up to Foya soon after I arrived to hear more stories about how SP projects and staff are investing in people -God's 'treasures'. 

The passing of time...we see children grow, graduations come and go, countries change, people come and go (said goodbye to our precious intern Jamie yesterday-sad! )  and we can't stop it!  So where are my treasures?  We can't take any of these earthly treasures with us-so where do we spend our time and resources? Is it on those we love?  Is it with those who need your help with no guarantees of things improving?  People, time is passing-don't wait until you are sorting through years of "storage" to get rid of the junk.  Don't wait to invest in people-to love them-to tell them they are loved-to show them they are loved.  Don't wait to tell people about Jesus-who loves them so much and wants to be part of their lives...
David (in blue) and his family when Alisa returned him home from the hospital

Don't wait...the passing of time waits for no one.