Sunday, April 17, 2011


This is just a quick blog I am in a fair bit pain and extremely tired..but I wanted to share my first initial thoughts of this morning and afternoon...

The start was amazing so many people-I was so excited!  At mile 13 I was feeling not too bad-a little behind my time but I was ok with that.  Over the Tower Bridge was amazing-very, very cool.  At about mile 16 I was experiencing a lot of pain in my hips, specifically my hip flexor muscles...this then led to my knees and by mile 19 I was in A LOT of pain.  I had to walk for about 1/4 of a mile each mile from that point on.  As I looked at my watch I realized I was not going to even come CLOSE to my goal time...I was upset for a bit-then I looked down at my gratitude band soaked with sweat-mile 20 "Anita"  the lady with HIV/AIDS-whose husband not only gave her the disease but then left her once he found out she had it...a pain that I cannot even imagine.

Many times after mile 21-I wanted to just stop.  Just a look down to my band helped-there were some moments that the band couldn't even help but they were small small moments.  As I came down the road with Big Ben to my right-I knew the end was near.  The crowds were loud and encouraging it seemed that whenever I stopped someone saw me and yelled "Come on Bev!" (say that in a British accent way cooler :)

Then there was the finish-I looked for Joni but couldn't see her in the crowd -she was there but somehow we missed each other.  It was probably best-because I was very emotional and knew if I saw her I would just stop and cry -200m from the finish.  As I crossed the line I leaned over and grabbed my legs-they were shaking and so sore I felt like throwing up-literally almost did-I got my medal but missed getting my bag somehow so I didn't get a t-shirt...sigh. 

Tim Holmes, SP UK projects director saw me and helped me to the "S" section where we were meeting-I sat and tried to just focus on anything but the pain-after an interview I am not sure I remember, Joni and Alan, who were filming, came and then my tears flowed. 

I missed my time BIG TIME-but as my good friend Buzz said on my fb wall "may not be the time you desired to finish in,  but it was God's time for you to finish"  when I read these words I cried again-he is right-If I would have got my time it would have been about me...and I have said this whole time it is NOT about me-instead God used that suffering to draw me back to why I was thankful that He did...

Will post more and some pictures tomorrow-if I can get out of bed!

ps. remember you can donate up to 3 months after today-thanks again to all of those who donated in the last 24 hours I am getting closer to the goal that matters!!!!


  1. Well done Bev - to say that was a fantastic achievement does'nt come close...

  2. Wow Bev. You always humble me. Mary and I are praying for you guys always. The courage you showed in finishing the marathon was awesome. Glad you were able to get around and tour, not sure I will be mobile.