Saturday, April 16, 2011

Attitude of Gratitude...

It's the night before and I am about to go to bed and try and sleep.  But before I do I want to thank all of you...I recently read a running book that talk about the 'attitude of gratitude'-instead of saying "I have to..." try saying "I can do"  Instead of saying I have to do 12 miles on this training run I started saying I can do 12 miles...try it-it totally changes things. 

This journey has made me so grateful every second of everyday.  I made my pace/gratitude band with a time on it...yes, you read that right-I set a time...But next to every mile with the time I should be at I have names/groups of people.  Here is a picture of it:

gratitude pace band...

It may be hard to read and some of it is in abbreviation due to space.  So there is my family, both of them Mayes' and Kauffeldts, there is everyone from Vancouver and Vancouver Island that donated (Hlina's, Kara, Lois, Missy and everyone else!)  Everyone from Salmon Arm (family, Roberts' and the others), Everyone else in Canada (Janice,Toth's!), then there is the people from the U.S. (SP USA peeps, Sacra's, Brooklyn Tabernacle church, Deb H. and others...) From the UK (SPUK staff, Krista, Drew and others) Liberia- my SP family, Spencer kids, SP staff (my son!!)...Everyone-just because your name is not on here doesn't mean you will be forgotten tomorrow...I have circled the miles that Joni will be at to take video and photo's.  I am incredibly grateful for Joni-all that she has done and how she has taken care of me this week-and throughout this journey-so grateful for all of it!!!

I also have Terese, Rebecca, little Tomba, and at mile 20 when i hit the wall there is Anita...mile 23 Augustine, Finda, Ma Jenna...I have 3 Bible verses-one for the beginning Hebrews 12:1-2-I have had 4 separate people encourage me with this verse the past week!  At mile 13-Phil. 4:13 and at mile 20 Ephesians 3:20.  If you don't know these verse find a Bible and look them up-you will soon see why I chose them.

Anyway- I need to go to bed...thank you again for all of you-this is why I run!!

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