Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tomorrow is the Day!!!!

It was the night before the 10km and marathon and all Team SP were asleep...well they should be by now!  It is 8:30pm here in Liberia-and in 9 hours we will begin our journey to JFK hospital to get ready to run with over 1500 other runners...

On Friday morning I met with the staff at devotions to go over some last minute instructions and to remember why we are all running.  Everyone is very excited! Throughout the week staff have been making the 2 min. drive to SKD stadium to pick up their numbers.
Staff returning with race numbers in hand!

First ever race with my buddy!

Louise, 44 years old running her first race ever!

Oliver from our OVC team

Everyone is super excited.  I am nervous...shocking I know-but I am really hoping and praying that all 70 of our SP staff members can get to the start on time!  For all of our Liberian staff this is the first race they have every run-many have questions about where and how the race will start-how will they know where to go...I felt the same way on my first marathon!

We have plenty of people here to be at the finish line to be taking photos so stay tuned for tomorrow's entry and how the whole day went.  A BIG thanks to all of you who have support our Team SP Liberia-please know that everyone here is so thankful to all of you-and for your encouragement.  Team SP will make you proud tomorrow I have no doubt! 

For race days like tomorrow...this is why I RUN!!!!

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