Sunday, August 28, 2011

The best DAY EVER in Liberia...part 2!

So there we were ready to go-let's get this race started!!!  And start it finally did.
In the pouring rain everyone is off!

What was amazing about today was the fact that Liberia, a nation of conflict for the past 20 years-was coming together to run.  Many of our staff heard Liberians say, "Look how far we have come, this is development, we can have a race!"  It may not seem like a big deal-but on these same roads we ran on-tanks rumbled down, trucks full of soldiers sped through shooting at whoever they wanted, bullet shells populated the streets.  Not today-no today history was made and the people of Liberia populated the streets and ran in PEACE!
SP staff members -woohoo!

Wet camera + running while trying to take a picture=what you see above...

One of the inspirations we passed...

As we ran towards the finish, we came upon one of the amputees-what an inspiration to see this man running this race.  I don't know how he lost his leg, my guess is in the war-but he is not just sitting doing nothing-he is running to be part of something bigger. Another moment I almost teared up...(it was an emotional day ok!)

The running got harder the farther we went and the closer we got to the stadium.  But then we heard the people in the stadium cheering and I was pumped!!! As we came through the entrance into the Stadium-what did I see?   Of course TEAM SP!!!! Stories from the finish next...

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