Sunday, August 28, 2011

The best DAY EVER in Liberia...part 3

The finish...I have run a few races and it's always amazing when you see the finish-it's emotional-you are done!  What a way to end with our SP family cheering us on it was amazing-words can't describe so I will let the pictures do the talking...
Justin the first SP staff member to finish!

Levi-SP special projects

Cpt. Dan!!!

Look at the rain coming down!!!

Winsotne waving the Liberian flag!

Look what the cat dragged in!!

BOSSMAN!! I am yelling at him to keep going!

Finance ladies!

James and Sis Hauwa...

Cheryl the one true walker!!!

Waving to Isaac and Felix-I think Jo was pretty happy at this point..

3:40min Marathon for Jeremy! Super proud of him!

Jeremy finishing strong

The happy couple after-well maybe just me...

Not sure I can talk jo into running with me again!

Teedo made it!!!

I love this can you not!?

The last lap..'don't you take my picture!' HA!

Team SP Liberia!  Running with purpose-these people are why I run!

I have a lot of thoughts going through my head how I am going to finish this.  So maybe I will sleep on it-talk to our staff tomorrow and ask them about their experience.  Why was this my best day in Liberia?  Because it combined the things I am most passionate about all in one great day, our staff who I love, representing the work that I am passionate about, and of course RUNNING!  I am blessed...


  1. Bev,

    THRILLED, THRILLED! For you and the team.

    I wish I could have been there with you all to shoot it!

    Congrats on your best day in Liberia!

  2. Okay, so there are so many awesome things about these posts - but I have to say, the thing that caught my eye looking through the pictures was the black plastic bags! :) A truly Liberian race! :)