Thursday, August 18, 2011

Team SP...the runners

Most mornings I head to the office a good 30min. before our morning devotions to get a jump start on the day.  But I am not the only one.  Many of our staff are also there-getting an early start on work or praying.  Yes, praying.  In our large meeting room, many of our staff can be heard praying for other SP offices around the world, for their fellow staff members, for our projects, for their country as it enters elections and for protection as we travel the dangerous roads.  Then there are the prayers of thankfulness-the one that gets me is when I hear, "thank you for letting me see today".  How many of us pray that?  I guess after living through a 14 year civil war, seeing loved ones killed in front of you, not knowing where you would find food-I guess it makes sense to pray-"thank you for letting me see today".

Here are some more of our awesome staff...
Ministry program manager, Willy Sirleaf (left) and pastor David Owen, ministry trainer.

The ladies of HR!  Hauwa (left) and May-both running 10k! (Who have also lost weight because of their training)

One of our, well lets just say, most unique staff member is Pasca.  Pasca, self admittedly is a simple country man.  He comes from the bush-(rural Liberia) and as he told us the other day-his back was always bent from hunting deer, rat and monkey!  He can't read that well and his handwriting is not the neatest-but he is one of the hardest working staff members we have.  He has one of the hardest jobs.  SP head mechanic.  Here in Liberia-we have over 30 vehicles that rumble down the rough, muddy roads, carrying our staff and supplies to the many places where we work.  Pasca and his team of mechanics have a constant flow of trucks coming in for their regular maintenance-and at times for major repairs.  Pasca just keeps working with a smile on his face!
Pasca hard at work!

Another thing that makes Pasca unique is what he does on his day off.  You would think that Pasca, who is often one of the first at the office and last to leave, would take his day off to rest.  Nope, not Pasca!  He asked leadership here if he could have Wednesday off-as he likes to come in on Sunday after service-to make sure all the trucks are ready to go up country on Monday.  So, leadership agreed and Pasca's day off is Wed.  So what does he do?  He trades in his dirty, greasy coveralls-for a white shirt, tie, dress pants and shoes, grabs his guitar and heads into Monrovia.  There, he visits the University of Liberia campus to share the love of God with students and after he is done that- he heads to one of the prisons to show the love of God.  Not your typical day-off is it?  Pasca is not your typical guy. Sometimes the simplest make the biggest impact.  I am proud of Pasca for what he does-and it is going to be so much fun to run with him on the 28th.

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