Sunday, August 28, 2011

The best DAY EVER in Liberia...part 1

4:45am... I had been up every hour on the hour listening to the thunder roar and the rain pound on our tin roof. I was full of excitement and nervous energy-this was it-RACE DAY!  It was going to be one wet race day that's for sure!  My morning started off with seeing Teedo and Jeremy off for the marathon race that was starting right in front of our house.
Team SP Liberia Marathoner's Jeremy and Teedo ready to go!

The first and last picture (as Kendell stated-nice.) of us racing together!

Some staff on the bus-going to the start

It poured, I mean POURED all morning during the race-waiting for the race to start we started to get a little nervous (at least I was ) about the start!

Team SP listening to the instructions for the race
Team SP Liberia in the rain but ready!

Pastor Kamara in his Canadian toque!

Taya, Danielle, Me and Jo pre-race picture

Dan and Cheryl Spencer ready to go!

Above we have Winstone and Justin getting ready at the start.  Taya, WASH PM getting a little hydration in from the rain as we waited!  It was amazing...they had a category for amputees and those in a wheelchair, there were Liberians, young and old, other INGO workers, and even the US Ambassador- all coming together peacefully to make history in Liberia-I was so proud to be a part of it.

As we were standing under the tent waiting to start-Danielle told of what one of her staff told her about running in this race.  Joanna (who works in our OVC program) stated:  "I ran from Nimba county away from the war, I was running for my life! Today I run for the lives of Liberians and so that I may have a healthier life!"  Almost brought tears to my eyes...mercy.

We got to the starting line-and without any warning people started running!  HA!  So off we went...stay tune for part 2 of my best day ever in Liberia...


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