Thursday, March 31, 2011

Take time...

Anyone who has lived or visited Liberia knows the saying "take time".  It refers to slowing down, take time before you hurt yourself, or just rest a little.  For example-If one of my sons is running to fast in the house I may say, "Felix, take time you are going to break something!"  Another example, if you have been working at full tilt for a while someone may say to you, "you need to take time and rest small".  For the past month all of us here at SP Liberia have been going full tilt, running around getting visitors to where they need to be, getting prepared for the festival and still doing our regular SP work!  Sunday night was the last night of the festival and throughout this week all of our guests have left Liberia.  For us still here, we are taking time to reflect on the past month, taking time to rest, and taking time to re-focus ourselves for the work we are here to do.

On my run this morning, I was taking time to reflect on the past month.  Being up country with all the media teams-(by the way, I really hope some of you saw the web cast and the SP projects including CLP student Therese and CLP manager Joni!), having a chance to spend a lot of time in communities where we are working-what an encouragement!  Being part of a huge event like the festival-sitting 20 feet away from the President and Vice President of Liberia!  It was good for me to slow down (my pace didn't slow down..;) and take time to reflect. 
The President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (hand on her chin) and the VP sitting to her left.

Training-  With the crazy month of March over I woke up realizing that I have 17 days until the London Marathon...17 days-mercy! This morning as I was 'taking time' to reflect I found myself once again motivated for this huge undertaking-I found myself re-focusing on why I am running.  It is good to 'take time' to reflect, slow down and re-focus it is amazing how it can re-energize you...

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  1. I hope you all can take good time to rest and feel peace. Y'all have worked so hard & we are all so grateful!

    Also, I am so amused that you said Felix in your example. Of course he has to be told to slow down. :) Love that kid's spirit! And Isaac's too. I mean seriously, your kids are fabulous.