Friday, March 11, 2011

ready, steady, GOALS!

I like to set goals.  I don't know why-I just do.  The title of this blog entry will bring a smile to some of my friends who used to tease me about my goal setting (you know who you are ahhem-Jody;HA!).  I guess if you are one who runs marathons you are someone who sets goals!  For a marathon- that goal may be to finish or to beat a certain time.  I have been asked if I have set a 'goal' for this marathon-since I have a thing for numbers and time.  I haven't.  I haven't set a 'goal' time to finish the London marathon-shocking I know...Last Dec. I ran a half marathon and my goal was to do it in under 2 hours.  I did it in...wait for it...2:01:03-yep, you read that right- 63 painful seconds short of my goal-I can't even BEGIN to tell you how those 63 seconds kept me up the nights following the race.  A lot of "If I just woulda..." thoughts racing through my head.  So I don't have a time goal for this marathon (at least not yet)...but I do have a different goal.

My goal for this marathon is to raise 6250.00 British Pounds -which equates to around $10, 000USD.  That would be 5000 for CLP programs and 5000 for WASH.  Right now I sit at just over 1000Pounds-so yeah my goal is big but in faith I am setting it.  I know first hand how far that money can go for these projects. Like-gas for the generator to have lights during evening CLP classes, adding another class to the Literacy program for a village, water filters, a well, latrines!!! the list goes on!  When I told Joni and Taya my goal they were excited and I know every penny would be used for the Rebecca's and Therese's -and communities like Wasunga...
CLP class                                             BSF filtered water...

Setting a goal can be scary. You leave yourself vulnerable to failure-two words I am not very comfortable with!  However, I know that every Liberian woman, child and man that these projects impact are worth every mile I run and every penny I raise. 

Training-I am back on my training schedule after a couple of weeks of sporadic training runs due to the busy work schedule the past 2 weeks (but had so much fun!).  I have a weekend of long runs- one shorter 8 mile run and then the big 16 mile run.  I watched the documentary "Spirit of the Marathon" recently and was sooooo inspired-if you get a chance to watch it -do-I am sure I will watch it numerous times again before April 17th!!!  I will be posting something a little different soon-I had the chance to wear a "gopro"camera around my chest as I ran in Foya last week-the footage is funny but it will give you a good indication of the terrain and how tired and thirsty I got!

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