Saturday, March 5, 2011


"Epic" is the word we have been using to descripe the adventures we have experienced and stories we have heard the past ten days. This past week and weekend we have hosted a social media team from SPUS led by Cissie Graham Lynch-it has been a lot of fun having Cissie and the media team (Hope, Matt and Ryan) here as we tromp through the Liberian jungle seeing some of our projects. I am just going to give you a little taste of our epic time and I will post more soon-but here a couple pictures of the times spent with the CLP ladies at Sorlumba and a little "Tomba" whose mom has a BioSand water filter!

Joni presenting a soccer ball to the CLP women's soccer team.

In Sorlumba the CLP women's literacy classes have formed two soccer teams.  We had the opportunity to play with them and had a BLAST!!!  There will be some highlights from the game in future-let's just say Wayne Rooney would have been proud of me!  :)

The next morning we visited a village that has had BSF water filters for the past year.  We interviewed Tomba's mom-she explained to us that runny tummy has decreased in her family and in the village since the introduction of the BSF.  Her son Tomba was a little fireball and he and I had a lot fun playing and being silly!
Tomba and I goof'n around!!

I will post more about our trip.  But I want to say that in the last 10 days we have hosted two media/broadcast teams from our SP USA office.  Going to the different projects in and around Foya- listening to the stories, seeing our staff in action and talking with our beneficiaries-has been inspiring, emotional, fun, and once again I am so proud of our staff and all they do.  Most of all, I am amazed at how God has used SP these past 6 years to spread His love.  Our projects have and are saving lives.  I am not trying to be dramatic-they really are.  I have seen it firsthand these past 10 days-but it is happening everyday as our staff go out and meet the physical and spiritual needs of Liberians.  What an honour to be part of all of it!!

Training-I had some good runs-including a very intense soccer game!  I ran to a village we work in, Karpie, it was a long run with LOTS of hills!  Mercy!!!  However, no snakes which is always a plus-but lots of motorbikes coming way to close for my liking!  It was great to have a running partner on my run today, as Alisa (who had malaria last week!) ran with me-ok, we had to walk a couple of times after huge hills and Bev got a stitch...ouch!

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