Friday, March 25, 2011

A Big day...

Today is a big day for all of us here at SP Liberia.  If you have been following the SP website, my blog, joni's blog, or my facebook-you know that tonight is the first night of a 3 day Festival-with our CEO Franklin Graham speaking to thousands of Liberians and expats-about the amazing love and grace of Jesus.  What is really, really cool-is that you can watch not only him speaking, but the web cast will also be showing SP projects-including WASH and CLP!!  Here is the link to watch the webcast on Tuesday:

Watch Tuesday, March 29th at 7:30pm EDT.

During the webcast, there will be "fillers" or commercials-that will show our awesome staff and highlight not only the SP projects we are doing here in Liberia-but also interviews with many of our beneficiaries -like Therese and Rebecaa from the CLP program.  I really hope that ALL of you will tune in to watch it-and see firsthand the WASH and CLP projects that I have been blogging about.  These are the projects that I will be running for!!!

I am super excited for today-to be part of a great team-a team that wants every Liberian to know the amazing love of and grace of God.  I will give an update on Sunday or Monday along with some pictures!

Training-it's going well-missed Wed. run due to complete crazy business from 545am until 7pm...but this weekend has 10 miles and 12 miles-after last week's 16 miler these runs seem small!!

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