Monday, June 27, 2011

To boldly go where no NGO has gone before...

Much like Cpt. Kirk of the Star ship Enterprise, we at SP Liberia like to venture out where no one has gone before. Here in Liberia, these are often the places in great need.  Last week I was up-country in an area past our Bopolu base office.  We (Nikelle, Kim, boys and I) were going out to help our VBS team. however, two out of the three of our VBS team were very sick with malaria. So we made the decision to get them back to Monrovia for treatment and we would stay in Bopolu and visit some projects. However, before we flew them out we had to do some "slinging" of WASH materials to Palakwelleh and Zugborkwelleh (say that 3times fast!). 
SP Chopper lifting supplies...

In the new area that we are working there is no road access.  The villages located in this area are in great need and are often forgotten by government and other NGO's due to their location.  With the SP chopper we can get supplies and staff to boldly go where no NGO has gone before!!

Isaac and Felix 'helped'...most of all just ran and hid from the flying dust from the chopper.
Eating a snack and getting ready to cover their heads from the chopper dust!

Along with WASH projects in this remote area-we aredoing VBS, our CHE (community health education) and ministry.  All of these projects and more are what the SP staff will be running for on Aug. 28th.  As I stated in my last blog entry, I have been able to register our race and a place for people to donate if you want.  I know it says my name, but it's not about me it is about our awesome SP staff who is running for a purpose!!! There is no financial goal-I just want our staff to be part of something bigger...something for their country, something they can be PROUD to be a part of!!!

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