Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jillean Micheals would be proud...

No, I am not the hard body, exercise guru, task master Jillean Micheals-but I can lead the odd work out here in Liberia!  Previously, our lovely former SP Liberia staff member Suzie Swenson, would lead an exercise class every Wed. for our staff.  Well, Suzie (and her hubby Matt) left us for our SP office in Japan-which was stinky and sad...BUT the Wed. afternoon exercise group lives on! 

With the race only two months away I wanted to show our staff some simple leg stretches and low impact/Ab exercises that they could do in 30min. to help them prepare. Yesterday we had about 10 people participate-with about a dozen more saying they will be ready for next week.  Here are some of them stretching after the work-out...

Staff stretching!

All of these people will also be running on Aug. 28th.  Minus the small freaky child doing the splits...good grief.

I am really proud of our staff-we have about 36 SP Liberia staff registered for the Aug. 28th 10km/marathon.  We have one staff member thus far (maybe two) running the full marathon!!! Alisa Buma will be running the full marathon-I am super proud of her and have no doubt she will kill it!  She is training up in Foya where she is stationed-lots of hills up there!  I will be 'showcasing' her on a future blog.

Another SUPER exciting thing is that I contacted our Team SP office at SP headquarters.  They said that I will be able to set up a way for our SP Liberia staff to raise funds for our projects here!!!!  One of the greatest things about running the London Marathon was the opportunity to raise resources and awareness for two of our programs, WASH and CLP.  Now, our own SP Liberia staff will be able to do the same thing for ALL of our projects (We currently have over 30!)! Our staff here are AMAZING-anyone who has come here knows that-so for them to now have the opportunity to run for not only SP Liberia but THEIR country and people is beyond awesome...What a privilege to be part of it all!  I will keep you all updated on this blog on how you can get involved.

Again, I want to thank all of you for supporting our staff in this endeavour-specifically Erin and Zawadi Morrow who are going to run a 10km on Aug 28th in the U.S. in support of SP Liberia!  I am so grateful for all of you!

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  1. I'm soooo excited, inspired, motivated, etc and etc!!! Praise God! Is that Isaac in the splits? How long is it going to take for Winston to get down there?? : ) Love you guys! Suzie