Thursday, September 19, 2013

Deep Thoughts while Running...

One question that many distance runners get asked is, "When you run for that long what do you think about?  Don't you get bored?"  Oh my word -Bored?!  I NEVER get bored-my mind is usually off somewhere thinking about something.  So, I thought I would share some random thoughts I have had during my runs lately.  I say random, and yet, these thoughts have helped me clear my cluttered head, put a smile on my face when I am tired and pushed me to expect more of myself and my running.  

Love this...

Thought #1--"I can't believe how many of our SP peeps are running-it's great! They really kicked butt in the marathon and 10k last month.  Cool to see people set a goal and reach it-I love seeing that.  I wonder how the experience has changed them...maybe it didn't?  I should ask...I wonder who will run a marathon next?  We have 4 SP women that have run marathon...that's impressive!  Women are good runners"....(thought fades out to women and running...)

Thought #2 --"I love my new shoes.  New running stuff is the best.  I like how shiny they are.  I can't imagine having them and not using them...I need to be careful not to get so caught up in the cool running gear-and yet, be a crap runner.  Sigh...I may have a cool new Garmin (gift from hubby and buddy :)) and new shoes and even a new running shirt (that keeps me cool-temperature cool) but unless I use it to help me be a better runner and stay healthy it's just a waste of money.  Hmmm...kinda like when people have a new well or new latrines but don't use them.  Unless we use things for their purpose-it's just piece of equipment sitting gathering dust and roaches...Or when people have Bibles but don't read them and take it seriously! Whoah, Bev settle did the love of my new shoes get me so worked up over behavior change and judging...sheesh!" (shaking head...)

My new running toys: shoes bought on sale and the watch a gift :)

Thought #3--- "What am I making for dinner...ugh. (A constant thought for most moms!) Man, I am hungry.  I need to eat less sugar. I love chocolate.  I should cut out all sugar in my diet.  Wait...that's crazy talk.  I will allow myself sugar in my coffee and chocolate.  Wait-that is the only sugar I really consume.  Never mind...I am running that should counter the sugar I eat. Great justification Bev...nice try."

 So true...

There are 3 nuggets for you.  Yes, the last one is just a shallow thought while I plod along-and some are random thoughts that go a bit deeper.  And then there are the thoughts that cause me to take a deep breath of joy- seeing others run, seeing the people I work and live with-who I love - set a goal and reach it.  Through the endless miles of training-through injuries and tiredness, they push through a finish something they never thought possible.  Running has great health benefits.  But in our busy life having uninterrupted time to clear your head and think or just let your mind wander while running can be one of the best unknown mental perks of running. Running boring?  NEVER!

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