Saturday, August 3, 2013

Running...a team sport

Running is usually an individual sport.  You don't need anyone else, really, to run.  You are responsible to put one foot in front of the other mile after mile. However, to be a good runner, and for sure a great runner-you need a team.  A team to support you with words of encouragement of motivation and sometimes a cold water bottle and a package of sticky GU...

With the Liberia marathon/10k coming up in a few weeks and others doing running plans-SP staff have been out in force running laps around ELWA and lots of miles on the road out to the airport.  Alisa and Elizabeth are running the Liberian marathon along with one of our Liberian staff -Josiah (along with other friends/family of SP Steve and Matt and maybe Jamie? :)).  Kendell and Joni are sticking to a half marathon running plan-and Kendell will be running the 10k (Joni is will be at Danielle's wedding as will I!).  It's been great to see everyone running together-and if they don't run together-encouraging each other along as they run.  

As for me-well, I am running but not as far as everyone else!  There's a change eh?  I am running with the boys-and trying to get them into a habit of running but still making it fun.  But for now - my role is crew chief for those on their long 18 or 20 mile runs or 10 miles.  Today was a big day for the marathon runners as they had their 20 mile run.  Kendell and Joni had their longest run they have ever done. Ninety minutes straight-roughly between 9-10 miles.  

We all talked throughout the week about the 'plan' for Saturday morning.  The miles were clocked and posted along the road-and even though we were up late last night-at 5:30am with the cooler packed full of juice, electrolyte drink, fruit, GU's and water- I got up to drive out Alisa and Elizabeth out to their starting point. I headed back home to ELWA to pick up Joni and Kendell and drop them off at the furthest point so that the runners would run towards each other making a little bit easier for me! :)  Here are a few action shots of the morning...

 Cooler ready to rock and roll..
 Getting read for the first water stop for Kendell and Joni

 Water, GU and bathroom break...

God created us as relational beings-so it would make sense that we would naturally take an individual sport like running and want to share and experience it with others. Everyone of the runners commented on how much it easier it is to run with 'someone' -Joni even said if she ran alone she would probably just stop!  

 Elizabeth aka 'Boston' looking strong-oh!

 Alisa-hair and feet fly'n! Just after this point Boston and Alisa passed Kendell and Joni going the other way.
My notes...what time I dropped off each team member and what time I needed to get back to them with water, sports drink and GU.
Joni and Kendell are done!
 We all met at the Total gas station near the airport where Josiah, Alisa and Elizabeth finished!

 The serious shot...

 5 hours after getting up-we were all heading back home-stinky and tired!  (except for me of course!)

 In the end 120 miles ran by 7 people-10 water bottles and around 7 Vanilla GU's.
Driving back in the truck the smell of sweat and hard work wafted throughout and sunk into the seats. It was great.  No matter what the mileage, why it was being run-or that everyone ran their own pace and own time-we all finished together as a team.  God blessed us with great cloudy but cool weather-and overall no serious injuries. Super proud of ALL the SP runners - they work hard, run hard and now they will rest hard!

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