Saturday, April 21, 2012

Runner's Prayer...

I am writing this the night before my second running of the London Marathon (my third overall marathon).  I have eaten what I hope is enough food to fuel me for as long as possible.  My running 'kit' is all laid out-ready for tomorrow so I don't have to fumble around.  The girls are all here and they have discussed their 'plan' and told me at what mile markers to look for them.  So, all that is left to do is rest, eat some breakfast and run. Oh, and the most important thing-pray.

I found a really cool "Runner's Prayer" that I really like and really sums up any runner who has ran a race:

watch over me today as I run.
This is the day
and it's time for the race.

Watch over my body
keep it free from injury

Watch over my mind
May I listen to the signals from within
As I enjoy the scenes from without.

Watch over my spirit.

Watch over my competitors
Remind us that we are all struggling equally.

let me win.
Not by coming in ahead of my friends, but by beating myself.

Let it be an inner win
A battle won over me;

And may I say at the end:
"I have fought a good fight."
I have finished the race.
I have kept the FAITH."

This is my prayer-one that I will say again and again-over 26 miles and 385 yards through the streets of London.  This is the prayer that reminds me of why I am running, even in those painful times- for the projects, staff and people of Liberia.  

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