Friday, April 20, 2012

The Calm before the Storm...

Yes, that's what I feel like-the calm before the storm.  Not in a bad way, I feel calm and yet know that on Sunday morning at 9am the 'storm' starts!  All the runners on the tube heading towards the starting line-shoving granola bars and banana's in our mouths as we try and get that last bit of energy into our muscles...Tonight, of all nights, is actually the most important to get a good meal and nights rest.  As with everything,  I have planned this out!  

Just like last year, my communications/techie friend Joni has been so kind to do a video to promote the program I am running for.  This video is shorter than last years and different-but I love it-as it has some of our SP staff on it!  I hope the download works and you are able to view it here:

As the time grows closer to the marathon-I am trying to stay calm, not get to nervous about the 'what ifs...'  I read on another blog about someone who ran the Boston marathon last week-and they had a cool motto: 'All in!'  One that I have heard before but not in the context of running the marathon.  But it fits perfectly.  I am ready and on Sunday morning I am ALL IN!

I want to thank all of those who have given - I am so grateful and thankful for all of you!  To the SPUK family, to my family, my friends from all over the world, to my SP family-especially the SP Liberia girls who are came to cheer me are all amazing people and your support and encouragement push me to be better and run farther!  You can still give if you would like -check out the link below:

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  1. Love the video! :) I'll be thinking of you Saturday night! (Because by the time I get up on Sunday you'd better be done running!) :)