Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sad News...

Today as I sat in a meeting-Eleanor pasted me a small post-it with a message: 

"  Did you know that little baby Eveleen in K&K died.  Sad."

Devastated, sad, mad, frustrated, shocked...I felt all of these things-even more so after talking to Alisa on the phone right after my meeting. It was my hope that Alisa would tell me that she was just sick...As soon as I called her and she answered I asked her, "Is it true?" She replied with a sigh "Yes."

Alisa had told me that last week she was a little bit sick but that the family had gotten some medicine from the hospital.  What she was sick with she did not know.  She had seen her and she was eating still and seemed to be doing fine-so the news of her passing was a shock to Alisa.  Maybe her little immune system was so weak she couldn't fight whatever was making her sick...I don't know.  All I know is it that this is the reality of life for many and after all of these years here I still struggle with this reality.

Like I said in last week's blog I don't share these stories to make you feel guilty-all of you know that these types of stories are the reality of the world we live in.  But let me stress something to you-this is why we are here.  No we were not able to save little Eveleen's life-trust me I wish I could of-even Alisa stated -she wished she could have done more.  However, the work that we do in health, in community development, in WASH, in Literacy, in child protection-all of our projects work towards preventing things like this happening.  Often on this blog you hear the stories where projects HAVE prevented sickness, oppression and hopelessness-but there are also these stories. 

I am sad.  I know that where little Eveleen is - is a much better place-but that does not make me feel better right now.  That is my reality.  I feel that my run today will take on a deeper meaning than just putting the miles needed for training.  Once again I am reminded on why I run. To help prevent losing another little "Eveleen" again.

" Let the children come to me. For the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these..." Mark 10:14

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