Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Everybody needs a little holiday...

Yes, not very often that we take a holiday all the way back to B.C. Canada-but we needed it (well Kendell did for sure!) and our boys have not enjoyed a Salmon Arm summer for 7 years!  However, the cold rainy weather greeted us...ugh-but that's ok-still great to rest a little and see family.  I even took a little time to rest and not run...well, I did run after my nephews as we played football!  And today I went for a run with my sister and my nephew Coleman (a good little runner too!).  Here are some photo's of our time.
Auntie Joni joined us for s few days-racing with the boys!

Cole and I stretching...

McGuire and Hanna running under a stretching Auntie!

Cole with his running medal from a race he entered!

Ready to go!! Love running with the family!

Our family keeps very active-my brother's boys are in basketball and hockey camp this week and they also run for their school.  In the winter all of the kids (Yeiko has 4 and Daron 4!) except the youngest 2 play hockey.  I love being able to play catch, throw a ball, skate and most of all RUN with all of my nephews and nieces!

Looking forward to getting back to Liberia and get back to training and see how the SP Liberia team is doing with their training.  I left the finance ladies, Debbie and Dorothy in charge!  I will be highlighting the two of them on my next entry.  Today or this weekend if you get a chance run with a kid it's fun and freeing!!!

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