Monday, July 25, 2011

Don't mess with the ladies of Finance!

Before I left for holidays I was trying to think of who I could leave in charge of our Wed. afternoon exercise/run and the Friday afternoon run.  I didn't have to look to far-just down the hallway to the finance office to Dorothy and Debbie! They both have a very difficult job as they help keep us on budget and keeping after us if we are late getting our receipts or reports in! These two fine ladies have been a great encouragement to me and our staff-they can often be heard singing praise and worship songs, leading songs in devotions and recently helping out in our exercise program!

Dorothy/Debbie on a Friday run

Before I left I had a chance to interview them.  Here are a few 'snip its' of what they had to say.

Bev: Dorothy, why do you like doing exercise and running?
Dorothy: I like to keep fit.  Before I would walk up the stairs and be soooo tired, now I feel fine.
Bev: Did you exercise in the past?
Dorothy: I used to exercise a lot in highschool, but haven't since then-almost 20 years!
Bev: What does it mean to you to be part of team SP and helping raise funds for projects here?
Dorothy: I want to be able to help the less fortunate in Liberia who need our help. 
Bev:  What is your favorite SP Liberia program?
Dorothy: My favorite program is the WASH program.  When I see people drinking dirty, unsafe water it's not good.  When I go to the base office in Bopolu I always drink from the water filter because I know the water is good to drink.
Dorothy having fun in the kitchen!

Debbie is also one of our leaders in the finance office-she is full of life and loves to tease us!  Here is what she had to say about exercise and running for team SP Liberia:

Bev: What is the best thing about running?
Debbie:  I love to run because it takes away the stress of the day.
Bev: Did you play a lot of sports when you were younger?
Debbie: Yes, I used to play basketball when I was in highschool
Bev: What does it mean for you to run for team SP Liberia?
Debbie: It is really important for us to generate funds for those who are in real need and to be able to share the Word of God. 
Bev: What is your favorite SP project?
Debbie: I love the animal, small ruminant, projects.  Like the goat husbandry program-I love seeing the goats jumping around they seem happy!

Debbie hard at work!

Both of these ladies work extremely hard for our office.  Without them we would be in a lot of trouble!  Not only are they hard workers and keep our finance office in tact, they are incredibly encouraging and full of joy.  We are so blessed to have them part of our team!  While I was gone, everyone has kept up with their training and they look great!  Much thanks to Debbie and Dorothy for keeping them all on track and motivated!  Now they have to get my butt back on track-as I didn't run as much as I would have liked!

I can't wait to get back to training and writing more about our wonderful staff.

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