Sunday, May 1, 2011

Now what?

That is the question.  Now what?  When is the next race?  The next run?  I did run a little with the kids at running club-felt good at the time...however, after not so much.  The right hip is sore to touch-sore when I get up out of bed, out of a chair-or get out of the truck.  In my mind I am running-I want to run so bad-two weeks ago I was running the marathon-I want to get back there so badly!  Today my sister Yeiko, sister-in-law Kimmy and their friend Dana are running a 10km in British Columbia-how I wish I was running with them!

I have to rest.  More than the two weeks that I expected.  I will do some strength training-but no running.  This is VERY hard for me. I miss sweating.  I miss that runners high after a great run.  I miss 'getting away', running the stress right out of my body one sweat droplet at a time.  I miss figuring out my minute/mile average.  I miss pushing myself to another level. 

Running is not my identity.  I am a runner.  I am also many other things.  Most importantly I am God's creation, uniquely wired like no one else.  I am thankful that He has made me a runner.

So, for now I will have to be patient with my hip, take care of it, get stronger-so that when it is time to start running I am ready for the next challenge.  Rumour around here is that there is a race (10km, half and full marathon) planned for here in Monrovia in August.  If it is true-I will be running in it for sure!  Probably the half marathon and hopefully with some of my SP buddies!  Will keep you posted...

I am heading up country tomorrow to visit some projects one being a CLP project.  I am really looking forward to getting up country to be with those we work with.  I will give an update upon my return!  These are the projects that the money raised through the marathon will go towards.

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