Tuesday, February 22, 2011

planes, trains and automobiles? not so much...

I am heading up country.  Travel will be chopper, truck, motorbike-not planes, trains or automoblies!  I am very, VERY thankful for the SP chopper that has been here for almost 2 years. Pre-chopper days were long (sometimes 18hours) in a land cruiser along bumpy, dusty roads and in the rainy season (Liberia gets close to 20 FEET of rain in 5-6 months) the mud bogs that would be sooooo deep the land cruiser could not be seen. 

SP Chopper fly'n over the jungle!

We are heading to Foya with a SP film crew to film the projects that SP is doing-it will be long days but I love the bush!  Maybe it is because I was brought up in the Yukon and spent most of my summers in the Yukon bush on my motorbike (a sweeeet Honda XR 80)-but I love going up country, getting on a bike and going to see the different communities that we are working in-it's my happy place.

I know I look like a geek-but I love riding the AG100 throughout the Liberian countryside!

I am really excited that I will be able to spend time with the communities that have been directly impacted by WASH/CLP projects.  We will be visiting some CLP classes and interviewing some of the women in the program.  We will also be visiting communities that have participated in SP WASH programs and talking with them on how these projects have changed them and their community.

I love being able to walk through a CLP class and see what the women are learning-to look at their copy books and help them when I can.  It is so humbling and inspiring...

It is always comforting to see our SP latrines being used-and also because I know if I have to go-there is a PLACE to go!!! mercy...

I will try and post entries when I am in Foya-I can't wait for you to read more about these amazing projects and more importantly, the amazing people we work with.  If you haven't been inspired yet-you will be!  For me, personally, just thinking about it makes me want to train harder, run faster and longer-for every person these projects touch-running with a purpose-this is what it's all about.

Training-Things are going ok.  I am curious to see how training goes when I am up country-but I am committed to do as much as I can.  Please pray I stay healthy and don't get injured -I am around 53 days away and really don't want to be hindered by sickness or injury-I want to perform my best for everyone.


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