Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Getting started...

This is  my first attempt at blogging-and I am nervous.  To those who know me-this comes as no surprise!  So, let me explain WHY I have decided to embark on a blogging journey...

The title/description of this blog kind of gives it away I guess.  'ybevruns' and 'running with a purpose'.  Why does Bev run?  (yes I am speaking about myself in the third person) I get asked this question a lot.  There are many reasons-God has given me the ability to, my SANITY, to be an example to my boys, my health, the challenge-yeah, I have many reasons.  However, this blog is not about me...and this is where the 'running with a purpose' comes in... 

April 17, 2011.  To you, the reader this date may not mean much to you-but to me- just looking at the date brings a rush of butterflies in my tummy!  It is the date of the London Marathon-THE London Marathon-as in the big city in England...Last year the Samaritan's Purse (SP) UK office asked if I would be interested in running the marathon on behalf of SP to raise support for two programs that I am PASSIONATE about: Water and Sanitation (WASH) and Livelihoods programs.  Of course I said yes (HELLO! running combined with the work that I love!?  no brainer!!!). Being that I have run 1 marathon and 1 half marathon I also knew what I was physically in for...

This blog will serve two purposes-First and most importantly stories about the people that I am running for-I take this very seriously-Liberia is near and dear to my heart and I am running for the families with no access to clean water or sanitation facilities, for women who do not know how to read or write and who want to improve their economic future for their family.  This is why I am running-this is my purpose.  The other purpose is to update you on the ups and down of marathon training in the heat and humidity of Liberia!

Here is the link to my marathon page for more information :

whew...well I survived my first ever blog post-I am sweating...


  1. well done on the blogging! I think you should keep writing in the third person...kidding of course. I was wondering if you were sweating at the end of writing as much or less than when you're running?

  2. So fantastic, Mama Bev!! I'm anxious to read more. But make sure to throw in some of your crazy stories ... I've been missing those. ;)

  3. get your swass on girl!!
    proud of you.