Wednesday, March 27, 2013

boys in the bush...

  (picture by Joni)
Last week it we had some special visitors come to Foya.  Not only did we have some youth from our home church in Salmon Arm come, but we also had the SP school kids (Kauffeldt/Laird boys) come up to Foya for a special school field trip.  It was like Youth quake Foya style!  It was great having all the kids together bumping along on the roads to projects.

For me-I love when my boys come up country with me. From the time we arrived in Liberia in 2005 my boys have tagged a long with mom through the jungle of Liberia by road and over the jungle by air.  Just like running, being in the field is something I love doing with my boys.  

 One of our trips back in 2006-broken down in Grbanga!  Are they not sooo cute!

As they get older they understand more about our projects and love being with our staff helping out.  But more importantly, I want them to grow up and realize that serving others is a key to what God has called us all to do.  I want them to be able to see beyond themselves and see the needs of others, whatever it may be.  I want them to love others and be a reflection of Jesus who loves them so much He died for them on the cross.  This is the most important thing I can teach them. 

Here are a few pictures of their time up in Foya...
Isaac was acting in the "Wash your hands" skit-he is sick with runny tummy!

 Showing kids how to wash their hands properly.

 At the protected Spring-making sure he obeys the law of no shoes in the spring!

 Isaac next to a little sleeping baby that he wanted to hold...

 I have no idea...but he loved the little baby's foot!

The boys acted in a skit, illustrated how to wash hands the right away, played games at the Active Fellowship program and visited the piggery with it's new piglets.  

Love this shot of Felix playing the classic 'steal the bacon' (by Joni)

 As my boys get older I find myself wondering what the future holds for them.  I know my time with them is limited to about 18 years and then they will go out on their own-making their own decisions and forging new relationships. As a mom I hope and pray that the things we are doing together now will resonate throughout their life through serving others and making the most of the opportunities that God places in their lives.  Although I love them so much I know God loves them more and has great plans for them!

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