Saturday, October 20, 2012

A "Spring" in my step...

This month and into November-I am out and about at our Bases in Foya and Bopolu.  The main reason is to be at our Community Health Education graduations that are let by our Community Development Facilitators (CDFs that I help oversee)-which I will talk about in another blog post.  When I am at our bases I am also trying to go out and see the projects that are in the community development sector that I also oversee.  These projects are WASH, CLP (literacy) and AF (Active fellowship)-I LOVE these programs! 

I leave for home leave in a month I want to get out and see as many projects as I can that are near completion.  It also gives me a great opportunity to thank our amazing staff and be encouraged how God has blessed us this year.  You see, at the end the year I am a bit...well, 'testy' or maybe more 'crusty' than my usual self and my tolerance tank is running on fumes.  So, when I was in Foya last week I jumped at the opportunity to get on a motorbike (doesn't take much!) and go out and see our BIGGEST Spring protection box Taya and the WASH staff have built thus was amazing!

 After a long 90 min bike ride we headed down the hill to the spring (photo by joni).

The dutchies in their awesome rubber boots!

 The Langbama is massive and full of beautiful, fresh water- the box holds 7000L!!
 I was soooo hot from the trip I just couldn't resist!
So refreshing! (photo by joni)
 We had a great time snapping photos...
 And watching the water runs at 87L/min!

 But, it was time to go as we had a long trip home.  So the kids loaded up with their water with the help of aunty Alisa!  Note the little girl in the pink dress with the green water basin on her head...

 Her basin fell of her head half way up!  So aunty Alisa waited for...Aunty Taya to the rescue!  She ran down and filled her basin back up...and carried it up half the hill...
  I took it for the rest of the way...(photo by joni)

And sent her on her way!

It was a great time had by all.  We drank the fresh, CLEAN water, some of us wet our heads to cool off-and we all went barefoot and let the cool water cool us down.  Taya and her staff started the spring in May and finished sometime in July. I cannot express to you how much work one of these springs are-but, surprisingly they are very inexpensive.  This spring was just over 1500USD!  that supplies a whole village clean water for as long as that spring keeps running-probably forever!  Super proud of Taya and her staff -with the help of Phil Outram our water engineer from the UK that was a huge help in finishing this spring.

As I hiked up the hill back to our bikes I was refreshed in so many ways.  The tiredness of the end of the year had been replaced by a freshness and joy of seeing the reward the hard work of our staff and the smiles of the children as they collected their water.  My end-of-the year pessimism was replaced with an awe of what unity in spirit and deed can accomplish.  God is good.  He reveals himself in so many ways-in His amazing creation and in the blessings He pours over us.  I did have a little 'spring' in my step when I returned from seeing this project.  Kinda like when my legs feel fresh on a run- as if I could run forever!

On the way back we were riding in the late afternoon Africa sun-and the beauty that surrounded us was breath taking.  Of course we had to stop and capture the moment on our bikes, looking all hard core-field worker type! HA!

 If you look closely or enlarge this pictures the smiles on our faces say it all! (photo by joni's camera-:))

Although we fought the mud, bugs flying into our faces (and down my shirt...) and staying on our bikes over the crazy roads-we had a great day.  One of those days that reminds me, (even when I am at the end of my year and can be a 'negative ninny') that God has me here for so much more than I deserve.  My heart can't help but be a spring full of joy.

 P.S.  I would like to once again thank Joni our professional photographer for capturing the true emotion in each one of us as we do what we love.  Her pictures never lie...look into our eyes, her photos capture that joy so perfectly.  Thanks buddy-we are so blessed by your God given talent!

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  1. I LOVE this! If we have time, I want to see one of the springs in Foya before we leave! So proud of all of you, and happy to be working alongside of you all! :) Great post Bev!