Monday, September 3, 2012

Somethings never grow old...

Unlike me, many things I get to experience over and over never grow old. There are many times I mutter "I am too old for this.." usually after a long day-when I am frustrated about something or just plain tired.  I feel that way some days with my training and work outs-"I am too old to try and do 10 chin ups!"  But the experiences and opportunities that God gives me every day never grow old. Here are some examples of many of the things I have done many times but never grow old! 

I still get excited to get on the chopper and fly over the vast Liberian jungle...
How can this view ever grow old?!

Going out to the field to see our staff and hear from them and how our projects are changing lives-that, trust me, NEVER grows old! 
Sharing and hang'n out with our staff having some laughs!
I am pretty convinced if these type of things, these opportunities, these diamonds in the ash heap-if these moments start to become "same old, same old..." it's time for me to re-evaluate why I am here.  That maybe sounds a little 'severe' but the excitement and joy that I still feel seeing a new latrine or hearing from a community chief how thankful they are to SP and our staff-is still like a a fresh cool breeze and warms my heart.
I have visited many communities and I have been traditionally robed and given many gifts.  I still get a little shy and embarrassed-I still stand up not sure how to reply and I am still humbled at the generosity of people with so little.  Moments like this never grow old...
"Listen mister goat, no funny moves!"  Check out that traditional cloth gown-it's hot and it's heavy!
Seeing and experiencing God do amazing things despite me-never grows old-and my people, I get to see it everyday.  I get to share it with my boys-and make 'old' things like going to the Foya look out, special.
Hang'n out at my favorite spot with my favorite boys...
This time of year it is easy to get run down just like the rain soaked roads.  It is easy to see everything as the 'same old' things-after 8 years here.  That is the farthest thing from my reality!  Everyday brings with it some of the same things but they never grow old-they are a new adventure, a new challenge and a new opportunity to show God's love, be the living Gospel and do it with some amazing people.
I feel the same way with starting up training again.  Training and running never grows old to me!  OK, maybe the loop around ELWA does, but not the feeling that running and working out brings.  The newness of a new program-it's like I have a clean slate to build my body back up again-set new goals and push myself farther than the last time.  Many of our staff are running again too!! WHOOP!WHOOP!  Some would say misery loves company, but not I-oh no I love seeing our staff (and husband) and my friends out there running hard.  Us SP Liberia women are running at the end of Sept. in the Accra Marathon, half marathon and marathon relay.  Alisa, is finally injury free to run a marathon-Elizabeth and Eleanor are going hard at the 13.1 distance-and Danielle, Joni, myself and Taya are running approx. 6.75 miles each in the marathon relay.  Diana and Steffani are going as our support and cheering squad-It's going to be legendary!
Training run...on the highway to the airport
Somethings never grow old...this is one of the many things I love about doing what I do-whether it is in my work, running or just life in general.  Never loosing the excitement and gratefulness and STILL finding joy in those things we do over and over...

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