Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Perspire and Inspire

It's crunch time.  It is the last few weeks before I take a second 'stab' at the 26.2 miles that wind their way through the beautiful city of London.  Yes, the London Marathon is in 24 days-19 hours and 14 min.  My runs are long these days. The workouts-intense. I find myself in a constant pool of sweat-gross I know, but at this time of year it is also the hottest and most humid. To get me through the long runs and painful strength training sessions-I have been thinking about what inspires me.  I talked a lot about inspiration last year during my training and the race-but I have some new thoughts that are 'running' through my head as I run and work out-here are some of the things and people that are inspiring me through this crunch time:

  • Our staff.  We are finishing our first quarter of activities in our projects-and it hasn't been easy!  But they keep on keeping on-it really is a miracle that we get things done considering all the obstacles-very inspiring!
Taya, Nancy, me and Mercy-The WASH staff (them not really me!)always working hard to bring clean water to our beneficiaries.

  • This little girl in the picture below-I can't remember her name (sorry!)-but she is from Pallakwelleh a village we have done kids Bible school and she was part of it.  I don't see her that often because during the day she works on her family farm...hello, inspiring!
Special prayer time with a special guest!

  • CMP/HOPE pastors-because I am running to raise funds for this program-I have had the opportunity to see first hand how these pastors and community leaders are caring for their communities.  One person can make a huge difference - sounds cliche-but trust me I have seen first hand the truth in this statement!

  • Kids running club:  I know this is a little random but they do inspire me!! They have been working hard to learn how to pace and finish with a kick.  The other week I challenged them to do the 1.6 mile big loop of ELWA between 13:30-14:30.  Anyone who runs knows that to run a specific time is hard to do-but they did the lap in 14:40! So close-and I must admit I was really surprised I didn't think they would even come close to the window of time I had allotted...I know, I know-me of little faith in  my little runners!  Disclaimer: Mother about to brag about  son.  Felix finished 4th on that lap-what you have to understand is that Felix never finishes a lap-he takes the short cut half way around or doesn't go at all-and that's ok I don't want to force him to do a lap (which then leads to a hatred of running) but he doesn't get a Popsicle at the end ( terrible mom!)...However, on this day-I don't know what clicked-as I saw the kids coming I saw Taylor, Nicole and Reed-and there-could my eyes be deceiving me?  Was Felix-he ran his little heart out!  After crossing the finish line he grabbed his side and started to cry-I was so proud of him-in pain he still pushed to the finish-and he got a Popsicle.  Inspiring...

  •  I am constantly inspired by God's creation.  Maybe it's because I grew up in some of the most beautiful places in the world-the Yukon and the mountains of British Columbia-but I love nature.  Being able to run beside the ocean inspires me-the power of the waves makes me feel stronger in some weird way.  Maybe it's that the Maker of the ocean-also made me-and even loves me.  If that doesn't get your inspirational juices flowing I am not sure what does or will!
My 'track'-amazing...

  • I am inspired by every woman out there-that also finds their sanity in running-being able to get a run in between dinners, laundry, working, and just the constant mom 'stuff' is not easy! 

  • I am inspired by the women of Liberia-no one, NO ONE works harder! Getting water in the morning, starting a fire, getting kids ready for school or a day on the farm, working until dark...some going to classes late into the night...

  • David (the young boy mentioned in the last blog) who is getting better a little bit each day.  I am hoping to see him next week.

  • God's Word has always has inspired me-recently someone shared with me a special verse: "I run the path of your commands, for You have set my heart free"- Psalm 119:32.  When I run I do feel free-I don't feel bound by anything-this verse has made me think of the greatest command-Loving God and your neighbour-when you follow this command your heart IS free to love and serve. 

  • I am continually inspired by the people who support me in why I run.  I think of the Pecknold family- I have known for a loooonngggg time :). All the people who have come on a team or visited us- to see and be part of the work we are doing here.  And of course family and friends -who have to listen to me talk about running. all. the. time.

This is not a complete list of course-but these are the inspirational little thoughts that are getting me through a long run or just getting my butt out the door to run!  The Marathon is now 24 days 18 hours and 24 min away. Time to get inspired and get out there and RUN!

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